Introduction to the CCTV security system

There are many such events in which even if you are not present there still, you need a continuous update of that place or sometimes we have lots of things to keep an eye on which seems impossible for a single person to do so in these situations  CCTV security system helps us. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) was first made to watch a launch of V2 rockets but as the technology advance, they are now widely used for the security of our premises or surveillance of workers.

How do they work?

It comprises four major components:

  • Analogy camera: Used to record videos from where it is installed.
  • Cables: To transfer the video as an electronic signal into a hard drive and in a monitor.
  • Monitor: To keep watch.
  • Hard drive: To save videos to watch later.

The camera is installed such that it will give you a video of a portion of a building on which you want to keep an eye. It then transferred to monitors for live surveillance and also saved in hard drives for few days for later use. Nowadays cameras are even occupied with night vision which makes it impossible for thieves to commit a crime without being noticed.

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