Whether you’re looking for the latest Panasonic washing machine or the best value on a budget brand, there are certain details to pay attention to. Some washing machines come equipped with features that can make your life a little easier.

Multiple Operating Modes

Choosing a washing machine with a variety of operating modes may help extend the life of your clothes and linens. Some machines now come with operating modes for dealing with everything from tough stains to delicate clothing.

For example, Panasonic has a few options with a “stain master” washing mode. The stain master feature uses hot water to help remove oil stains and sweat stains. These stains gradually dissolve in hot water.

Glass Lid with Child Lock

Glass lids have become much more common for modern washing machines. A glass lid gives you a clear view of the interior of the machine, allowing you to check on the load without opening the lid.

Many glass lids also include child locks. A child lock is an added safety feature that can significantly decrease the risk of a child climbing inside and getting stuck.

Delay Start and Automatic Power-Off

A delayed start function and automatic power-off are convenient features to look for in a new washing machine. The “delay start” feature allows you to postpone the start of the cycle. Some washing machines allow you to delay the cycle by up to 24 hours.

Automatic power-off keeps the washing machine from using more electricity than it needs to. The machine automatically shuts off when the washing mode ends.

Overall Load Capacity and Dimensions

The size of the washing machine and its load capacity are important details to consider. If you plan on placing the washing machine in a tight space, make sure that the dimensions do not exceed the space that you have available.

Most washing machines and dryers measure 27 to 28 inches (68.5 to 71 centimeters) wide. The average depth is 30 to 35 inches (76.2 to 88.9 centimeters). However, you can also find slim designs for smaller spaces.

The load capacity of the washer refers to how much laundry you can fit inside. Most options allow you to add 5 to 12 kilograms of laundry in a single load.

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