As one of the recent developments regarding speaker uses, subwoofers bring users a different level of experience. Below are some of their defining advantages.

Boost Bass.

Modern, door-mounted car stereo speakers may reproduce crystal clear higher frequencies, but the small size cannot generate adequate low frequencies without heavily distorting. Subwoofers on the other hand can reproduce frequencies below 80 Hertz on average, giving rich, full-bodied bass that makes music lively.

Improve higher frequency performance

Subwoofers generally receive power from an independent amplifier such that it gets easier to adjust the stereo’s crossover frequency. This sends all the low bass notes to the sub and sends the higher frequencies only to the woofers and tweeters. Standard stereo 10 inch speaker have to handle both frequencies, but subwoofers let the woofers and tweeters maximize midrange and high frequencies.

Smoother sound without distortion.

The best 10-inch subwoofers assure rich, dynamic, and crystal precise sound performance for all frequencies. As such, users get the opportunity to rock out to smoother sounding music free of distracting distortion to neighborhood-friendly and Friday night volume levels.

Versatile installation options.

A subwoofer provides a bigger speaker enclosure for bass notes to resonate fully, but its larger size means that it cannot fit inside narrow car doors. Thankfully, a subwoofer generates non-directional audio so it can be installed in a vehicle’s trunk or under a seat, depending on the model and preference.

Types of 10-inch Subwoofers

Recent times have seen an increase in the number of subwoofer models. Buyers have an endless list of options to choose from as they prefer. Moreover, there are reputed brand names that produce different models and sizes. Generally, below are the attributes that define all the models in the market.


Component subwoofers are just the speaker itself, without the enclosure or amplifier. Components subs are offered in an assortment of shapes and sizes, from 8 to 15 inches with other 10-inch speakers. These are the ideal type of subwoofers for shoppers looking to highly-customize their audio system with personally selected speakers, enclosures, and amplifiers.


Powered subwoofers are mounted inside a small, tidy enclosure and are powered by an amplifier. This type of subwoofer produces useful bass frequencies and excellent overall sound quality. Still, its compact enclosure prevents it from generating the power necessary for the hard-hitting low frequencies that rattle fillings loss. Even the small size and easy installation make them an attractive option for shoppers looking for a straightforward, space-saving sub.


Enclosed subwoofers come pre-mounted into an enclosure designed for a perfect fit with the sub. Users will have to source an amplifier with this kind of subwoofer. Though there aren’t as many enclosed subwoofers options to choose from, this is a perfect choice for buyers who want a convenient subwoofer setup.


Vehicle-specific subs are designed to fit in convenient, space-saving locations in many cars, trucks, and SUVs and are frequently color-matched to their interior. These subwoofers come pre-mounted in an enclosure engineered for best sound quality and fit with a particular ride. This is an excellent option for consumers looking for a convenient, space-efficient subwoofer solution that offers OEM-style and finish.

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