The cybersecurity industry is an industry that is continuously growing. Today, many resources are being availed for the sake of preventing cybercrime but the cybersecurity industry still has a long way to go. Cybercriminals keep on inventing new methods and tricks that they use to attack. Before you notice their next move, they will have already hit an organization or a business. There are many facts that people have to know about cybersecurity. Here are some of them

Hackers try to attack after every 39 second

According to research and statistics, it has been reported that in every 39 seconds, there must be an attack. It has also been found that the non-secure passwords and username are what leads to those sudden attacks.

43% of the attacks are normally directed towards small businesses

This is also a second fact that you have to know about cyber attack Singapore . Although large businesses get attacked as well, small businesses are more affected than their counterparts. It is said that 64% of businesses and companies have gone through web-based attacks. 62% of the organization and businesses experience social engineering attacks and phishing as well.

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