As the world is becoming technologically advanced, the imaging industry is also growing rapidly. Today cameras are used for various applications. That is why there are several types to count. One of the popular camera types used in various industries is infrared cameras. The IR cameras are like the general cameras, the only difference is that the IR cameras use IR radiations whereas the general cameras use normal wavelength visible light. IR cameras by Ingaas imaging are of three types that one can choose from.

Long-wavelength cameras

These are the most common one as it is more accurate in terms of temperature detection. These cameras can detect IR wavelengths up to 7-12 microns. Therefore the images are more detailed.

Mid wavelength cameras

These are less detailed as long-wavelength but still capture temperature changes perfectly. they capture wavelengths in the range of 2-5 microns and are mostly used in boiler proofing systems.

Short wavelength cameras

These cameras capture wavelengths below the mark of 2 microns. That is why they can give more contrast in the images as the wavelength is near-visible light.

These cameras by Ingaas imaging are used in all those places where images need to capture as per the temperature change. These are used in the building industry, boiler, factories, etc.

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