Linear  Inga’s image sensor used for spectroscopy made a lot of improvements in modern technology. This not only offers 1.7- 2.6 Micron but also reduces wavelength to 1.45 micron for the Raman spectroscopy. The radar circuit is completely redesigned, which improved the performance of the charge amplifier. The linearity of this sensor comparing to the conventional type is 10 Times Better than before. The pixel to pixel variation is much less, and also, the dark current is dramatically reduced.

Significance of ingas sensor technology

Another significant to this InGaAs is that the area Ingaas sensor is a product line that offers not only the standard cutoff with less than 1.7 microns and 1.9, 2.2, and 2.6 microns available. The security of this product line makes Inga’s a great candidate for the hyperspectral imaging application. LCC package also available in 256 pixels version. This package can be gained over the conventional type like low cost, smaller size, which makes the product good resolution for the handheld instruments and the mobile device.

Linear ingas3 image sensor is also available for sorting purposes, which has the finest pixel size linear engaged sensor which also has high-speed features. It can acquire images at a 40k line per second.

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