It’s time to sit with the family and plan the meals for the coming week – or perhaps a big event coming up. You’re at a loss for ideas. What did you do last week? Didn’t you have that as the main course the week before – or was it last month? And, what’s the recipe to cook it anyway…? How often have you found yourself in that quandary…and end up in the same place every week!

Well, with the best food diary app on your iPhone, Mac or tablet, you’re already half way to conquering the meal planning dilemma. The other half? You get that one in the kitchen!

Meal Producing Productivity

Whether you’re planning a meal for one, two or an entire family, the challenge isn’t typically in cooking or baking your favorite dishes. It’s in planning, organizing and managing the entire sequence of events leading up to the cooking. And, with everyone’s schedules already so full, how do you make planning and producing meals a productive endeavor?

That’s where the Aspire Productivity meal planner app can help.

Productivity in the kitchen, or at the dining table, occurs well before you start cutting, chopping, frying or serving our portions:

  • Have a mouth-watering Meat Loaf recipe you really like? The integrated Note taking features can help you capture, store and index it for quick retrieval – without having to wonder how to do a repeat performance
  • Tired of listing ingredients to your Grocery List each time you go grocery shopping – and often missing items – which means a repeat trip? Well, now there’s a solution for that. Just add items to your To Do list and let the App take care of it
  • On a diet and need to keep track of what you’ve had throughout the week, calories and portions? That’s where the best food diary app can help too. Capture all that information as a Bullet Journal (BuJo), and maintain a complete record of your diet – permanently
  • Need to place an order 2-weeks in advance for that hard to come by ingredient? Not a problem at all. Once you add it into the calendar, your App will keep track of it and send you a friendly reminder when its time

Don’t use old school paper diaries, recipe journals and loose-leaf sheets to plan your meals or keep track of your calorie intakes. Use the most efficient app out there to make dieting and meal planning more productive.

Making Meal Planning Fun

Using technology to plan your meals, and to keep track of your diet, makes these activities more productive. But they can also make them fun! Instead of stressing over every detail, or trying to recall past meals or meal plans, the meal planner app will do all the heavy lifting for you.

From storing and organizing recipes, to maintaining accurate grocery lists for ingredients, to journalizing your food intake as diary entries, to reminding you about key meal planning activities – it’s all in the app. And if you’re really tapped out for meal planning ideas, use the integrated Text messaging or Email features to shoot a quick message to that favorite Chef in your App’s Contact list.

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