Face recognition might be something that you have heard about in the news, and you may think it is only used with the CCTV cameras that lookout for criminals, but you would be wrong. There are many applications for face recognition software, and you may be using it without realising. Below are some of the different uses for facial recognition that are currently in use today that help to keep you and your data safe, amongst other things.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Snapchat use an algorithm to help protect users’ identity on their platform. You can easily upload photos to your account on Snapchat, and if they have other people in them, you can easily protect their identity. The algorithm recognises the user’s face and can then block out any different ones using emojis, protecting people’s identity that may not use the platform.

Verifying Your ID

Many businesses worldwide are using a face recognition algorithm to help keep their company secure, and they use this technology to help verify people’s identity. Many devices and platforms that use the technology to prevent unauthorised people from accessing them, and you can find this on Android, Apple, and Microsoft devices to name but a few. Many Smartphones use this technology to unlock the device and allow the user to access it, without touching anything. The front camera on the phone will scan the facial features and ensure they match those they are programmed to recognise, preventing anyone else from using the device.

Using It For Security

The one use that many people think of when they hear about facial recognition software is for spying on the public and looking for criminals. The technology is that advanced it can scan thousands of faces when looking for someone specific and pick them out of a crowd. As well as looking for criminals, this is also an excellent tool for trying to find people who have gone missing or children that have run away from home and can help locate them quickly. There are also many businesses using this technology for their company’s security, and they use it to ensure only authorised people have access to buildings and rooms that may have sensitive information or valuables.

New uses for this technology are continually being developed, and it is something that is not going away anytime soon. If you are a business owner, you may wish to consider adopting this for your company and help keep it secure in this digital world.

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